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BSP is a Offshore Development Center We specialize in both Custom Software Product Development, providing Dedicated Development Center services. We are focusing on web, mobile, smart watch, TV, desktop and embedded software development, QA and testing.

Since 2012, we have been bringing digital transformation to mid-sized and large enterprises in Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Retail. Our key domains include enterprise software, e-commerce, BI and Big Data, e-learning... .

Our objective with our clients is to collaboratively build success stories. With every client's engagement, we expect both BSP and our clients to share stories of successful projects, products and relationships that we grow and develop each day. We are proud to say that since the start of BSP, we have had 100% success rate with each client we have worked with.

Pilot Project

Every new relationship needs time to fine tune communications, ramp up on technology, establish process and determine if the relationship is the right fit. At BSP, we recognize that this initial phase of the relationship requires investment from both parties. During what we call the Pilot phase of the project, which typically lasts 2 to 4 weeks, we assume 50% of the development fees while we focus on the following key deliverables:

» Establishing common, effective communication patterns.

» Create local dev environments and ramp up on the preferred technology platform with respect to the client code, their best
   practices, and coding standards.

» Apply knowledge learned through years of experience as processes that mitigate common outsourcing issues.

» Pair a US-based Program Manager with a client representative to understand client needs, define project goals, capture
   requirements, and relay to development team.

» Create a production deployment plan and work through new or unforeseen issues that may occur.

» Deliver a defined set of features as agreed upon by the client and the BSP Program Manager.

Towards the end of this cycle, we sit down together and perform an honest assessment of the relationship and confirm that we do, indeed, make a great fit for an ongoing partnership.

Partner Phase

Upon delivery of a successful Pilot project, we move into the Partner phase of the relationship. Our goal in the Partner phase is to help the client truly achieve their long-term business vision. We focus on the mission of the client and work together to produce a “living” product that drives that mission. Here’s how we do it:

At this point in the relationship, the development team is fully trained and is ready to rock. We follow an agile development approach based on the SCRUM methodology. This enables us to deliver weekly iterations that have tangible review points for the client. A typical iteration cycle goes like this:

» Client and US-based Program Manager work together to define the high-level feature set and requirements.

» Project Manager creates a detailed requirements document.

» Client (or a partner) deliver graphics to the develop team.

» Develop Lead or Architecture creates a detailed design document for feature development.

» Developers turn focus to writing code (50% of the iteration), and testing and stabilizing code (50%).

» At the end of the iteration, the new feature(s) are released to a staging server for client review.

» Production releases can be as often as weekly (usually in maintenance mode) but more likely contain a set of iterations with a 1-2 week beta/stabilization period.

Communication is central to our operations, and our team emphasizes close, frequent communications with the client for maximum transparency and efficiency. We use shared project management tools such as Basecamp and Jira/Eventum to collaborate and record progress; clients receive weekly status reports and monthly value reports to ensure goals are being met; and our senior level managers are always available to discuss satisfaction or future resourcing needs.

BSP's Agile Working Style


The agile framework Scrum makes it possible for you to start the development without wasting too much time for the specification. After sprints of 2 to 4 weeks, you always will receive more and more from your software.

Therefore you can already implement new change requests in the development. This supports you to receive the software you need quicker.


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